This Book Review is for Lirael by Garth Nix. It is the beloved sequel to Sabriel and the second book in the Abhorson Trilogy and was published in 2001.

The New Book Cover of Lirael

Genre: Fantasy

What it Contains: Action is very consistent theme and a few smaller conflicts are present as the main conflict unfolds throughout the novel. Romance is defiantly an interesting topic in this book but I won’t reveal why, you’ll need to find that out yourself.  Drama and scandals are rather prominent near the beginning, though not overly so, that gradually deepens and intrigues the reader further as the novel goes on.  Then the best addition of all for books in a good series…. the cliffhanger. Revealing something that if you paid attention you’ll be delighted to know that your theory ( or possibly theories 😉 ) was correct, but at the same time giving another mystery for you to work out in your mind as you read the next book, though if you solved these first few you’ll have little trouble with the next few.

Length: The Hardcover version is 720 pages that is broken up into three parts consisting of a total of 44 chapters plus the prologue and epilogue.

Who Would Enjoy It: It is intended for Young Adults but really anyone who is over 13 would enjoy the book immensely.

Enjoyment Level: A 10 out of 10.

Rating: Young Adult/PG.  It has violence but nothing that’s to graphic or disturbing. Slight mentions of nudity and sex but once again only in passing and nothing explicit. * The first rating is what the publishers rate the book, the second is what I perceive the events in the book to accurately fit the best.

The Original Book Cover of Lirael

Overall the book is a great read and I would very highly recommend it and the remaining installment of the trilogy to others. It has every thing a good fantasy book should always have and is extremely well written just as its original counterpart is. Happy reading!

Final Note….

Most of the things I’ve written here are from my perspective and how I see the things in the book and its all merely a suggestion for a good reading experience on my part. Thank you.