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I’ve been away for quite a while! I’ll keep this particular post short and to the point before continuing on with my favorite kinds of posts, those about books and those about Creepypasta’s! A few updates about us, my husband and I have come a long way! He’s furthering his career, which means that he’s in Japan until early Summer, but we’ve also started our family! Two weeks before his deployment we found out we were finally going to be parents after a year of infertility and countless doctors visits and our little bundle of joy is due in late July, just after he gets back! Those are the reasons I’ve been away, with all the doctors visits, family visits, and social events I just haven’t had time but I plan on catching up until the baby is born and then we’ll go from there!


For as long as I can remember I have always loved to read, but when I was old enough to fully begin understanding the dimensions of writing I began to think ” No! It’s better like this” or ” Meh, saw that coming from chapter one!”  and that’s when I discovered that I had a passion for writing! Whether I am good at it or not is up for debate, but I love it just the same!

I have written stories in many styles, genres, and formats. Most of them pertain to the scarier and creepy side of the spectrum such as Horror and Supernatural but there are some that are strictly Fantasy and some even have a bit of Romance. I prefer short stories, as despite being a writer, I have very little patience to sit in front of my computers and only use my fingers to type. Though I do have one in progress that is multiple chapters. Many of the short stories I write often end up on site’s known for what is called a “Creepypasta“. Which is the main subject for this post.

Creepypasta- Consists of short horror stories that were often originally posted on message boards or sent via email. Many are meant to be legitimately scary and unnerve the reader, while others are intentionally written to be silly or incoherent.

Two notable sites that I frequently visit and submit stories to are: Creepypasta Index and Creepypasta Wikia . Both are wonderful sites full of the stories you grew up hearing as well as stories that were written and submitted by talented writers. Below is a list of some of the best I have come across from both sites.

WARNING!- These following stories can contain vivid imagery, violence, and adult language and themes. Caution is advised.

Bon Appétit – This story is a little dialogue heavy, and has decent imagery. Will definitely make you cautious of food and restaurants for a while.

12 Minutes – This one will definitely give you pause the next time you turn on your TV. I know I was nervous about it for a week and Televangelists still creep me out. And the imagery will forever be burned into my minds eye.

The Holders Series – This is a series of relatively short writings that contain, as of now, 102 chapters with more to come.  I suggest reading the one titled ” The Seeker ” first as it works well as an introduction to the series. The writer/writers who pulled these master pieces from their brains are geniuses. Some are cute and funny, some are horrifying and disgustingly addictive, while still others use words in such a way that it leaves you stunned in wonder and seeing the story as clearly as if you were actually watching them in person.

The Silence – Definitely one of the more unique stories. Its a little jumpy and can seem a little inconsistent, but the overall creep factor makes up for it.

The Wallflower – The type of story that can be heart wrenching and then when the realization comes that human nature determines your fate is a definite plus to the story.

The Perfect Child – This one will perhaps hit a little deeper for women. It encompasses the feeling of madness and insanity perfectly and the story as a whole will send shivers down your spine.

An Egg – This story is simply mind blowing. Has rather religious overtones, so if that or unusual interpretations of religion bother you, I suggest you skip this one. It is not as creepy and scary as it is simply awing and mind blowing! Kudos to this writer.

Contaminated Water – This one holds a special place in the blackness of my heart that is specifically for Creepypasta’s. It has a very unique note of burgeoning madness and a healthy dose of disgust and horror. Yet, strangely enough, in the midst of the madness of the narrators mind there is a specific note of love that only furthers to strengthen the shivers traveling up your spine.

The Thing In The Window – This one holds a mastery over every emotion that triggers our hearts to race, paranoia to raise its ugly head, and fear to boil in our guts. It will definitely make you think twice about looking out the window.

Masterpiece – This one is truly terrifying. It expands on the fear that something could get to us in our own homes and dispose of the ones who are supposed to protect us. It can be found in two different places, one on Creepypastaindex (which is the source of both versions) and one here on 9GAG where a fan made a comic. I personally prefer the 9GAG version, as the writing just seems more neatly constructed to me, but both are equally terrifying.

The Hidden Things – It has a masterfully crafted grip on all things demonic and maddening in the eyes of the readers. It pulls on the chords that causes us to wonder whats really out there and just how close it could be to destroying us in Mind, Body and Soul.

The Guardian Angel – This story was great! * The imagery was vivid and gave the horror/creep factor the tale.  The concept of a Personal Reaper/Your Own Ghost (as it could go either way) was GENIUS!! It managed to hold on to the creepy and terrifying aspect but then deliver a final note of sweetness and gentleness at the finish.* I could ramble on and on about this amazing story! A MUST READ!

Final Note…..

I hope that you choose to take a bite of the Pasta’s I have shared in this post. The will give thrills, chills, terror and fright to anyone looking for it.

Also the section enclosed in *—*  in the final review for The Guardian Angel was an excerpt from the comment I posted on for the story on its home site of Creepypastaindex. Thanks all!

Today I’ve been blasting my poor speakers into oblivion!! Playing everything from old hard core metal to Elvis Presley (Yes, I’m serious) to 50 Cent. I have rather varied interests in music from metal, to rock, to pop, to hip-hop, to older rap like Eminem. The only thing I don’t listen to at all is country, I can’t stand it.

Some of the things I’ve listened to today:

1. Lollipop- Lil Wayne

2. In The Dark- Dev

3. P-I-M-P – 50 Cent

4. Stan- Eminem

5. Cyclone- BabyBash

6. The Joker- The Steve Miller Band

7. Heart Of Glass- Blondie

8. I Kissed A Girl- Katy Perry

9. Tom Sawyer- Rush

10. Politically Correct and Axel Rose – SR-71

11. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

12. Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne

13. The Wall- Pink Floyd

14. The Cave- Mumford & Sons

15. While Your Lips Are Still Red- NightWish

I’ve listened to so many genres and sub-genres today its ridiculous!!! I love my music and I couldn’t live without for a single second!!!

Final Note….

If you do not know some of these songs you should listen to them but if you are sensitive to course language I advise against songs 1, 3, 4, and 5. If you are against suggestive themes the aforementioned songs as well as songs 2, 6, and 8 should be avoided. The rest have nothing that would seem to be overly cautious with. Thank you and Happy Listening.


What this Blog will mainly be about Book/CreepyPasta Reviews. There will also be things that are just drabbles about what may have happened that particular day that I felt like expressing via Blog.

The main thing I will blog about will be the reviews of books and CreepyPasta’s I’ve read.

Since anyone who’s met me can tell you that I read constantly its become a hobby of mine to review the books I’ve read. Post concerning these will be irregular but still fairly often. The will include the books title and author (obviously), reason(s) why or why not to read them and the age(s) they are best suited for. These will be in the Book Reviews section

Final Note…

Anything else that does not fit into this category will be put into the Posts About My Days section. 🙂 That’s about it for now.