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I’ve been away for quite a while! I’ll keep this particular post short and to the point before continuing on with my favorite kinds of posts, those about books and those about Creepypasta’s! A few updates about us, my husband and I have come a long way! He’s furthering his career, which means that he’s in Japan until early Summer, but we’ve also started our family! Two weeks before his deployment we found out we were finally going to be parents after a year of infertility and countless doctors visits and our little bundle of joy is due in late July, just after he gets back! Those are the reasons I’ve been away, with all the doctors visits, family visits, and social events I just haven’t had time but I plan on catching up until the baby is born and then we’ll go from there!


What this Blog will mainly be about Book/CreepyPasta Reviews. There will also be things that are just drabbles about what may have happened that particular day that I felt like expressing via Blog.

The main thing I will blog about will be the reviews of books and CreepyPasta’s I’ve read.

Since anyone who’s met me can tell you that I read constantly its become a hobby of mine to review the books I’ve read. Post concerning these will be irregular but still fairly often. The will include the books title and author (obviously), reason(s) why or why not to read them and the age(s) they are best suited for. These will be in the Book Reviews section

Final Note…

Anything else that does not fit into this category will be put into the Posts About My Days section. 🙂 That’s about it for now.